How it Works

How It Works

We are one of the leading paintless dent removal companies


Learn More About the Dent Repair Process

The first step in paintless dent repair is to assess the damage. We locate the dents and begin to determine how severe they are. Nearly 90% of all our clients’ vehicles are repairable using the paintless dent repair method. Once we have confirmed that we can repair your vehicle, we will begin to prepare.


Most dents require us to reach the backside of the dent, which means we will most likely need to remove body panels, taillights, and sometimes interior panels. Our Certified Dr. Dent Master Craftsmen will restore everything to its original condition after we’ve completed the repairs.


Once the dent is accessible, we use special tools to massage the car’s structure back into place. This process typically only takes about a day, which means you can get back on the road quickly.


Contact Dr. Dent today to get started on your paintless dent repair services! We work with your insurance company to assist with filing your claim.

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