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Susana Vasquez

My left front bumper was dented two weekends ago in a slight mishap on my part pulling out of a space without realizing the front tires were not pointing straight out when I hit the gas, instead slightly colliding with a concrete pole in my parking garage. I got quotes from the dealer body shop (over $1,700), another Yelp provider (over $1900), and from Mark, the owner ($900). He showed great communication and showed up to my apartment parking garage at his scheduled time within a week of contact. He even expressed mild skepticism that the repair would be beyond 95% perfect (but promised not visible to the naked eye). Four hours later, he told me the car was ready for my inspection. It was an absolutely perfect repair! Unbelievable, and so, so much value. I would highly recommend The Dr Dent for any of these types of repairs. They have the potential to save you thousands of dollars (literally) for top-notch work!

Steven Clamper

out for a quote and within 30min to an hour I got a quote that he stayed true to for the job. I then called to see if he was available as I was on a time crunch and he was able to squeeze me in for my vehicle the next morning. Additionally I just inquired about doing my girlfriends car and with no hesitation he offered to do it in the same time window so we didn't have to wait or do another day. Once coming it took a few hours for both vehicles but the results are phenomenal. Prices were literally half of what I was being quoted by others and the results were better. Thanks for all you do Mark ! 5 stars and would be much more if it was possible. Highly recommend!

Mark Durham

I am the owner of Kingdom Holdings, LLC, dab, Dr. Dent. I see that coach Chris has a disparaging comment posted on Google. This man told me himself that he was going to remove it. This comment stems from a very brief relationship my company had with Viking Auto Body once located in Rapid City, SD. Viking auto is a now failed business as I understand it. My company doesn't pay for positive Google reviews. We are honest and ethical people here withy many years of hail damage repair experience. Integrity works here. Suggestion, don't listen to the many people in this business practicing sin called envy. Go to The Dr. Dent Facebook page. I make a video of every customer. They don't make those heart shapes in from of their vehicles when I return them by accident. MY experience in this industry is as follows. There are more lying, cheating fraudsters in this business than anything I have ever been involved in. I'm certain there are also some great people, but that is my experience. I'm in a church on Sunday morning. I live my life so the preacher doesn't need to lie at my funeral. I don't gain any ground by throwing dirt in another man's eye. I don't do it. This company can stand on it's own merits.


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